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Cheers from impeccable Ladera Resort - Saint Lucia!

PHOTO: My "Ladera Punch" at the impeccable Ladera Resort - Saint Lucia (c) Sery Kim

After an exhausting summer of non-stop, seven days a week, 16-18 hours a day of work, I am in desperate need of some sun and fun! Just basic brainless activity like tanning, eating and drinking with no emails to check! So imagine how delighted I was to have received an invitation to visit Ladera Resort in Saint Lucia.

For those not familiar with Caribbean geography, Saint Lucia is the southern most country in the Caribbean -- "We are literally right above Venezuela" -- and the only country in the Caribbean I have not yet traveled too (lucky me!). I have high hopes for my stay at the resort, which is also known as Oprah Winfrey's favorite resort (her words not mine) and hope you will sign-up for updates on the blog so you can get every juicy detail!!

Until then, CHEERS to the end of summer with the perfect "Ladera Punch," the resort's take on the classic Rum Punch but with lemongrass, ginger, pineapple juice, lime juice, Angustora bitters and some Chairman's Reserve Spiced Rum. I am absolutely confident I will be drinking several of these. Oh!! And because I have gotten so many social media compliments, I actually just snapped this photo on my iphone at Ladera Resort's main pool Tuesday morning. No filter. No nothing. Just some pure Saint Lucia sun!

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