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My new favorite DC restaurant: Thank you Piccolina!

PHOTO: Piccolina's Peach Panzanella and Avocado & Carte Musica (c) Sery Kim

Award-winning Executive Chef, Owner and all-around nice person Amy Brandwein just opened what will surely be D.C.'s new favorite "fast casual" restaurant Piccolina. Located across the alley of my favorite Italian restaurant in D.C. Centrolina, Piccolina is a powerful little restaurant where every dish (except desserts) goes through the wood-fired oven.

I was dying at how incredible the Italian food was, such as the Peach Panzanella and Avocado & Carte Musica photographed above. A fuller review is coming, but let me tell you I returned the next day for more of the Spinach Lasagna with a Bolognese Meat Ragu. And I don't normally do this, aka compare two restaurants next to each other in competition, but since I literally just went back to two-Michelin-starred Masseria last night, I will unequivocally proclaim: Piccolina was the best Italian food I had all week. Full stop. (And I paid $160 for my meal at Masseria whereas I walked out of Piccolina paying $20.)

Be sure to check it out for yourself!

PHOTO: Piccolina's Spinach Lasagne with Bolognese Meat Ragu (c) Sery Kim


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