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Innovations in Wellness: How to Transform Your Body without Working Out

PHOTO: In-office liposuction patient result's courtesy of Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery

Modern society’s relentless pressure to look beautiful, combined with punishing work-loads limiting sustained down-time, has driven major innovations in wellness. In particular, deft plastic surgeons have transformed typical, surgical changes to the body with new methodologies involving limited down-time and discomfort.

Foremost on the innovation scale is “in-office liposuction.” In the past, patients who chose this method of body contouring required general anesthesia: putting them out of conscious during the two-hour procedure of extracting fat and between 5-7 days of down-time away from work. In Washington, D.C., Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery in Chevy Chase, Maryland has perfected the in-office liposuction procedure where patients are awake the entire time, with almost no pain or discomfort.

The incredibly smart, kind and one of the best surgeons on the East Coast, Dr. James R. Bruno, MD, FACS, helps transform a patient’s body through this innovative methodology by injecting local anesthesia in the areas to be treated -- the initial needle feels like a pluck of the eyebrows – and then the next 60 minutes are spent extracting the -- this feels like a pedicure massage chair movement.

PHOTO: Dr. James Bruno photo courtesy of Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery

After the in-office liposuction procedure, patients can take the metro home (Bruno Brown Plastic Surgery is one block from the Friendship Heights Metro Station) or even go immediately back to work. For those who aren’t so ambitious, Dr. Bruno recommends having someone pick you up and spend at least 24 hours resting.

My friend had her in-office liposuction procedure by Dr. Bruno after the birth of her first child. In three months, she went from a size 8 to a size 0 with a flatter belly than when she was in high school. Call 301-215-5955 for pricing.

Another innovation in wellness is using injections to for a “liquid face-lift.” At Bruno Brown Plastic Surgery, Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown utilize advanced dermal fillers (such as Juvederm and Restylane) to lift and contour facial features. This procedure was created for those, much like with in-office liposuction, needing a natural-looking change: a gentle lift of the facial features, reduced wrinkles and creases, a more rested/energetic look or even just a friendlier smile.

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