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Update on next ABC segment

PHOTO: Waiting for my drink at Chloe at yesterday's brunch (c) Sery Kim

Due to the insane monsoon weather of this morning in Washington, D.C. -- we got 11.78 feet of rain (that's right ... FEET!!!) in one hour -- the studios at ABC, along with a broad swath of Northern Virginia, D.C. proper and Maryland, flooded. Rain literally came dripping into the studio so Let's Talk Live was cancelled for today. Fortunately for me, my segment on best date night spots was moved to tomorrow so I hope you will tune in and watch live at 10 am! You will get some absolute pro tips from me, including more about my favorite date night spot Gravitas, as well as a more casual spot in Navy Yard.

Until then, stay safe out there Washington, D.C.!

PHOTO: Conservatory Rooftop at Gravitas (c) Sery Kim

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