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New fashion discovery: NYC's Mulberry & Grand

Last night I was in New York City to receive the 2019 Future 40 award from Maverick PAC. I had brought a dress I though I liked until I was walking to dinner Friday night and came upon Mulberry & Grand. The bright colors and lights drew me in, and I was immediately saw this dress hanging in the clearance section. I tried it on and, literally, never took it off!! I walked over to the sales clerk and stated, "I love it and want to wear it out!" She laughed appreciatively and said, "You look so amazing in it!," cutting off the tags.

Bargain-basement deal at a mere $35!

I received so many compliments last night on this dress. "You look absolutely perfect!" both people who knew me (and didn't know me) exclaimed, and the dress does look more expensive than it actually is which is just my style!! I am so obsessed with this dress and can't wait to wear it again!!

If you are interested in Mulberry & Grand, check out their website here. Surprising to me, despite the smallness of their size at the store on Columbus Circle, they have numerous locations in New York City as well as shipping for online orders.

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