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DC Staycation at The Line Hotel

PHOTO: My hotel room at The Line Hotel DC (c) Sery Kim

Yesterday, for the first time in a really long time, I decided to do a "DC staycation." I desperately needed it, particularly after having moved the last two months and still settling into the process of my first purchased home. Even if I wasn't buying a house, sometimes you just need to get away without, in fact, getting away. So, thanks to my friends at The Line Hotel DC, I posted up in the brightest, airiest, restful visit to one of this city's most popular hotels.

PHOTO: The other side of my bed at The Line Hotel DC (c) Sery Kim

My friends over at The New York Times did a great stand-alone review, which you can read here, so there really is no need for me to recycle their points. However, the most important elements of a good hotel stay for me is (1) super hot water, (2) very comfortable pillows and (3) lack of secondary noise. On this The Line Hotel DC succeeded admirably. Last night, I stayed in the "Monument Corner King," a 320 square foot space with really great views of the entire city and I couldn't hear my neighbors -- I did hear some outside traffic but that is to be expected in D.C. where hotels don't really do the kind of windows New York City customers demand. Otherwise, I slept very well and had no problems with the heat in the shower.

The real allure of The Line Hotel DC, though, is their food and beverage program.

PHOTO: The stunning vegetables at A Rake's Progress

The Line Hotel DC has four distinct dining spaces, plus a coffee bar. Spoken English and Brothers & Sisters is super nice guy Erik Bruner-Yang's delightful babies while A Rake's Progress is Spike Gjerde's Michelin-award upstairs "fine dining" restaurant. If none of these three suit your general eating style, you can attempt (vainly, typically) to thrust yourself into the crowd at the bar at Brothers & Sisters (where my good friend Todd Thrasher has curated a very fun cocktail menu) or try A Rake's Bar upstairs. I will have a full review of the food and beverage program soon but, until then, back to my DC staycation!


PHOTO: A very fun welcome letter from The Line Hotel DC staff (c) Sery Kim


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