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Addicted to Barry's: the best bootcamp in D.C.

PHOTO: My third Barry's & Brunch in five days at Fuel Bar (c) Sery Kim

For the most part, I eat pretty terribly which even shocks most of the folks who know me. They always exclaim, "But you are so thin!" or "You look great." I am not sure I aways agree with the kind remarks from my friends and strangers, but I also know how many chips I eat every week! Still, irrespective of what I, I know I look the way I do because I work out a lot. A. LOT. Each and every week there is a mix of spin class, hot yoga and plenty of walking -- at least 3 to 6 miles of walking every day. Plus when I review a restaurant I ramp the mileage count to at least 9 or 10 miles.

But despite my rather thorough mix of exercises, I haven't really ever committed to "HIIT" classes until I went to Barry's Bootcamp this week.

Prior to attending my first Barry's Bootcamp class this Wednesday, the only other HIIT classes I have tried is at OrangeTheory. For me, I wasn't so fond of the treadmill work at OrangeTheory. I just found the incline and pacing too quickly challenging, and even though it was an early test class for me I was yelled at in mean-spirits when I would slow down to a walk. Not so fun! I like being pushed but I don't like being shamed. Either way, even as I progressed into taking more classes, I felt like I wouldn't be able to prepare myself adequately for the pace at the start of any OrangeTheory class. It's like taking a Ferrari for a drive, having never driven stick shift, and immediately going onto the Autobahn.

I just need/needed a little more ramp-up. Like 2-5 minutes.

PHOTO: The signage at Barry's Bootcamp DC (c) Sery Kim

At Barry's, you start on the treadmill and they alternate you between treadmill and floor work, aka weights and abs, every 13-14 minutes for two rotations equaling a 55 minutes. On my first day, I never felt hopelessly overwhelmed like I did at OrangeTheory -- though I was pushed beyond my current ability because, for Barry's, the idea behind the running is to build endurance as opposed to just running at the hardest, worst incline for the longest period possible. Additionally, instead of negatively shaming me when I had to slow down, the Barry's Bootcamp instructors in both my Wednesday class and my Friday class made it a point to encourage me when they saw me doing something at the same pace of the regulars such as when I ran at 8.0 instead of 6.0.

I think everyone needs encouragement when they are in these high-intensity classes because they are SO HARD! And, at Barry's, you literally can lose 1,000 calories an hour!

I'm not sure this is an exercise I can keep up with long periods of time as the financial commitment ($34) is a lot for a single class -- plus the only location they are in is Dupont Circle and it is quite far from me. However, I am going to commit to doing as many classes a week as I can until Fourth of July. If my body makes a drastic change, then I will for sure keep going! Until then, it "hurts so good" and the Fuel Bar at Barry's has wonderful shakes post work-out like the Barrys & Brunch ($9).

Happy training! Summer is coming!!


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