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Sublime Saturday in Sonoma County

PHOTO: My breakfast at the River Vine Cafe (c) Sery Kim

Yesterday I had a binge-worthy, epic day of eating and drinking here at Vintners Inn. Basically, what that means is I woke up and began eating, without really stopping for the remainder of the day. Honestly, I am so full just thinking about it!

For breakfast, the entire group ordered for themselves, but the River Vine Cafe sent out their speciality waffles and pancakes for sampling. (Hence the gorgeously staged photo above that I took on my iphone in some phenomenal light.) I didn't partake in either but I did order my favorite breakfast dish, the Huevos Rancheros, again. The flavors were as vivid and bright yesterday as they were when I first ordered them on Friday so it was a great way to start the day! I also added a toasted bagel to provide a carb balance, and it was a good decision because I needed something sturdier to absorb the massive quantities of hot sauce I poured onto my Huevos Rancheros.

PHOTO: Matanzas Creek Lavender Spa Spritz (c) Sery Kim

After breakfast, we walked over to the spa Vie La Vita to begin a leisurely day of services. The spa is a quite large 5,000 square foot space with a good variety of amenities including a headed indoor pool, a sauna, a long list of services as well as health food-and-drinks (you must try the Lavender Lemonade). As you can imagine, the spa was packed on a Saturday so it was fun to be around so many happy people.

As for my level of happiness, instead of going straight into the Relaxation Room to begin my wellness treatments, I hit the treadmill in an attempt to burn off the morning's breakfast calories. Even after two miles on the treadmill and another 3 miles on the bike, I felt overwhelmingly full so I sat in the sauna. Whew! Much better!

Once the calories were burned, I indulged in a 50 minute massage. I always find time flies by when you have a nice massage and this was certainly the case at the newly refurbished, 5,000 square foot spa Vie La Vita at Vintners Inn. They used lavender from one of their partners, Matanzas Creek, which not only makes a great Lavender Spa Spritz -- "smells like candy!" -- but delightful 2017 Alexander Valley Sauvignon Blanc. I, of course, asked where I could buy this product and apparently not only can I buy it at Costco -- "that's so huge!" -- but at D.C.'s ever popular Total Wine.

PHOTO: My Sonoma County BFF, the gorgeous Cheryl MacMillian of Ferrari-Carrano Wines (c) Sery Kim

Before I knew it, spa time was over and dinner time was upon us. I freshened up and off we went to John Ash & Co for dinner. Unlike the casual River Vine Cafe, John Ash & Co is a more formal, yet still cozy, high-end restaurant. I didn't know this until I saw the sheer quantity of full tables, but this restaurant on property at Vintners Inn is a consistent favorite of anyone within driving distance of Sonoma County.

PHOTO: A strawberry amuse bouche at John Ash & Co. (c) Sery Kim

As for the food itself, much like with our sublime Rhonda's Garden dinner the previous night, every dish with ingredients from the Vintner's Inn garden resonated with me. I mean, I don't even like fruit much yet I gorged my way through the strawberry amuse bouche.

I also ate plenty of the Oysters on a Half Shell, the incredible Tuna Tartare, as well as my main course of the Fillet. Everything felt so healthy for me -- and unusual state to be in for someone like me who tends to gravitate towards junk food.

PHOTO: Beautiful Tuna Tartare at John Ash & Co (c) Sery Kim

Now don't be shocked but for once I couldn't manage to eat dessert. SHOCKING I KNOW! Actually, right before dinner, I had some of the cookies room service leaves us at turndown. Yesterday's flavor was two double chocolate chip cookies, with a fudge-like consistency, making it resemble the most delicious brownie you could eat. I couldn't stop staring at it so I ate them both, and it ruined my ability to order dessert at dinner. Still, it was worth every bite!

Overall, yesterday was a nice way to relax and wind-down on a Saturday. Of course, because I am me, I did spend any "free time" working (about six hours worth) but the beautiful wine vista make the time fly! Can't wait to come back again!

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