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Full lash extension at Sarah Akram Skincare

PHOTO: Extreme close-up of my full set lash extension at Sarah Akram Skincare (c) Sery Kim

While the rest of Washington, D.C. is getting themselves ready for the annual White House Correspondence Dinner this Saturday, I am focused on getting out of town for my annual birthday trip. This year, instead of going somewhere exotic -- 2015 Amalfi Coast, 2016 Maldives and 2017 Santorini -- I decided to go home to Plano, Texas to spend time with my almost three-year-old nephew. He's in the ideal age for any kid, where he is inquisitive yet still learning and speaks in SUCH AN ADORABLE VOICE, I just can't get enough. So I exchanged the time and money I would spend on a trip to focus inwardly on the intangible items which bring me joy.

PHOTO: Me and Jackson Parker at Christmas (c) Sery Kim

Still, I couldn't just let my birthday go by without doing some tangible for myself. When I was at Goodstone Inn & Restaurant, I bought some very cute clothes and jewelry. I went to Moda Lookbook (22 E. Washington Street, Middleburg, VA 20117) and bought myself this gorgeous green JOA Floral Blouse, a great Fame and Partners sweater and some jewelry from Lou Lou. But the best gift I could have given to myself was a full eyelash extension.

PHOTO: JOA Floral Blouse purchased at MODA Lookbook (c) Sery Kim

I have never had a full eyelash extension but, of course, I have heard plenty of about it. Taking natural lashes, individual pieces of lash are meticulously glued to your lash line over the course of two hours. They are semi-permanent fixtures on your eye and can stay on for 2-3 weeks without falling out. The price varies but for a really amazing technician it costs $325 and no one does it better in the DMV than Sarah Akram Skincare. I know it seems like a lot but when you see yourself in the mirror, the investment will seem negligible. See the video below!

PHOTO: Video of me after the two hour procedure (c) Sery Kim

I think I look gorgeous and glamorous, the perfect way to ring in my birthday tomorrow! Happy birthday to me!


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