• Sery Kim

POW! WOW! DC 2019 partners with the Line DC

PHOTO: Courtesy of LINE DC (c) Sery Kim

On May 2nd, POW! WOW! DC 2019 will be partnering with the LINE DC to celebrate local, national and international street artists. Specifically the hotel will be the hotel home base for one of the ten days of exciting activity including Secret Walls. Secret Walls is the "Fight Club" of the art scene, and on Wednesday May 8th, from 9:00 pm to 12:00 am, two teams of artists will battle with black markers or acrylic paint to fill a large canvas. The winner will be chosen by the audience. Attendance is free and you can register here.

If art isn't your thing, then LINE DC has some of the best restaurants in D.C. My favorite Pastry Chef Pichet Ong -- also Bon Appetit's -- still has his amazing cakes and, of course, Erik Bruner-Yang's Spoken English is the pop-up style permanent restaurant of your dreams.

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