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Joyride with Jaguar

PHOTO: My 2019 Jaguar EV400 I-Pace First Edition in front of The Clifton Inn, Charlottesville (c) Sery Kim

Yesterday I took delivery of the 2019 Jaguar EV400 I-Pace First Edition, Jaguar's new all electric SUV. I haven't owned a car in over a year so the idea of having my own for a roadtrip to bucolic Charlottesville, Virginia sounded super exciting -- and the idea of having an all-electric, Jaguar, SUV (the first of its kind) to myself made me giddy with joy!

PHOTO: My so-so photo(s) of the amazing interior (c) Sery Kim

I will have a full review up next week but here are some initial thoughts. Also, if you read all the way down you can click on a link to the YouTube video of me taking delivery of this stunning vehicle!

PHOTO: Getting my first look at very intuitive instrument panel (c) Sery Kim

Considering this is the first time I have ever driven an electric vehicle, the first thing which comes to mind to share is how easy it is to operate. Naturally Jaguar gave me instructions on how to use it, but even if you didn't get the tutorial you would be able to understand how to use everything. The Instrument Panel looks just like any other expensive vehicle's instrument panel and, when you click home, it takes you to all the icons you are familiar with such as Spotify, connect your phone, navigation, etc.

If there is anything you really need to figure out in advance, it has nothing to do with driving the car per se. The biggest trick, actually, happens to be finding a place to charge it in Charlottesville, Virginia -- "We have numerous charging stations in Washington, D.C. but only one in Charlottesville." Uh ... okay!

PHOTO: My iphone video of taking delivery of the Jaguar I-Pace (c) Sery Kim

In fact, I am off to charge the car -- it apparently takes an hour to get 25 miles of charge and I need 200 to get back to D.C. -- but can't wait to drive it more today! You wouldn't believe the number of stares I have received in driving this beauty around (all men!). Sticker price is $88,000 and I think it's worth every dime -- particularly when you consider it is FREE to charge!!

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