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Cheers from The Clifton Inn!

PHOTO: The Blood Orange Cosmopolitan at The Clifton Inn (c) Sery Kim

Wow, how stunning is this drink at The Clifton Inn here in Charlottesville, Virginia, particularly when it is set against the glamorous design of The Clifton Inn?! I really enjoyed this beverage during cocktail hour before last night's fresh, super healthy, yet delicious, dinner (more on that to come). The Blood Orange Cosmopolitan zinged with the slightly bitter citrus of the blood orange while there was just enough sugar from the cosmopolitan aspect of it to provide a nice relief. I know I will definitely be trying another one!

PHOTO: The adorable bathroom in the Thomas Mann Randolph room at The Clifton Inn (c) Sery Kim

I am so glad I partnered with Jaguar to make this trip come true -- thank you again to Team Jaguar for the 2019 EV400 I-Pace First Edition for this joyride -- because I have been wanting to come here to The Clifton Inn since last year. My initial reservation for January of this year was cancelled very last minute due to heavy snow in the D.C. area (as a car-less D.C. person, the idea of driving in snow was horrible!), I finally came back when the sun and flowers are out in bucolic Charlottesville, and everything about The Clifton Inn has been exceeding expectations!!

PHOTO: My 2019 Jaguar EV400 I-Pace First Edition outside The Clifton Inn (c) Sery Kim

I couldn't have asked for a better combination of weather, people and place to stay in Charlottesville. I'll be trying a few different rooms here are The Clifton Inn -- I requested it so I can get a strong feel for the property -- but I have to say my initial impression of it is pretty spectacular. Once you start walking around the building and grounds, it is so easy to see why there are near constant buyouts of this property for weddings. Yes. If my last relationship had worked, he would have been here with me this week and it would have been a great place to have a romantic getaway -- or if you are super serious you can elope here as the couple who got married yesterday on property showed me.

Everything about the property simply is charm personified!

PHOTO: The fireplace inside the Thomas Mann Randolph room at The Clifton Inn (c) Sery Kim

Anyhoo. Enough about love and weddings and all that! I am here for STRESS RELIEF and it's perfectly adorable for just that. The bed is supremely comfortable ... so comfortably in fact I was going to ask the team who made the mattress so I could buy it. Then, as I was making coffee, I realized The Clifton Inn actually offers the service to buy the bed. King size costs $1,999 just for the mattress -- queen is $1,575. Funny! I will have to take them up on the offer!

PHOTO: The super comfortable king size bed in the Thomas Mann Randolph room (c) Sery Kim

More on the hotel to come, but thanks so much to the team for having me here for a restful and stress-less few days! I'm excited to relax and just work from my home away from home!

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