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CBD beauty: Thank you SeraLabs!

PHOTO: SeraLab's Super Booster Serum (c) Sery Kim

Yesterday I came back from a delightful, stress-relieving weekend at Goodstone Inn to a box of care packages from SeraLabs. SeraLabs is a California based company, started in July 2018, making marijuana-based products. Also, it is super important to note -- particularly for someone like me who has never done drugs or smoked/eaten any variation of marijuana -- CBD is not "marijuana" or "weed" per se. The hemp plant and marijuana plant are different strains of the cannabis sativa plant. Both strains contain complex chemical structures with over 100 active cannabinoids, with the two most well-known cannabinoids being CBD and THC (THC is what "weed" is comprised of to get you high). CBD, or hemp, contain less than 0.3% which means you couldn't get high on it even if you drank a California sized swimming pool full of it.

PHOTO: The Day & Night Brilliance (c) Sery Kim

Last night I tried two of the four products sent to me. Before application of the SeraLabs CBD beauty products, I cleaned my skin every night, as I rigorously and consistently do. Once cleaned I applied the Super Serum Booster. I, for some reason, thought the beauty products would smell like the skanky weed all over Washington, D.C., a truly nauseating smell I deplore. Surprisingly, the CBD beauty products had zero smell and it absorbed into my skin quite easily. After the Super Serum Booster, I applied the Day & Night Brilliance which also had zero smell and was quite good for my overall skin. The cream was also very thick without being greasy, yet again a great surprise.

PHOTO: Radiant Glow Facial Oil (c) Sery Kim

This morning I awoke to find my skin feeling much softer, an oddly fast result considering it was only in my skin for less than 10 hours. Today, I will try the third of four products SeraLab sen me: the Radiant Glow Facial Oil. As for the fourth, I am not yet sure I am going to try the CBD Oil for improving sleep -- that product requires you to put it under your tongue. While I am very happy so far with the results of my CBD beauty products actually ingestion will require more careful consideration!

PHOTO: SeraLabs CBD Oil (c) Sery Kim

I look forward to using these products for a full 30-days to see how much of a change it makes on my skin. Until again, thank you SeraLabs for the gifts! I am super happy with the immediate progress!


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