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Palm Sunday brunch at Goodstone Inn & Restaurant

PHOTO: French Toast at Goodstone Inn & Restaurant (c) Sery Kim

This morning, before I sat myself down to watch Tiger Woods play his final round at The Masters, I walked over from the Bull Barn Cottage on property at the Goodstone Inn & Restaurant for a really scrumptious Sunday brunch. Now, as someone who grew up in church in the south, Palm Sunday is a pretty big deal. Normally I would get dressed up and go to church, but since I am doing a staycation/vacation in Middleburg, I pulled on some casual wear and headed to the restaurant instead -- I sincerely hope God will forgive me!

PHOTO: Raspberry panna cotta amuse bouche (c) Sery Kim

Honestly, I'm really glad I have been able to spend my weekend this way -- and I did get up early to do my "quiet time": my daily period of journaling, praying and reflecting. I'm so grateful to I have this really relaxing time here on property, as well as a quite full food-and-beverage experience. Last night's Tasting Menu dinner left in such a contented state, I barely made it past 10 pm before I passed out. Still, despite my previous evening's gluttony, I woke up craving more food and was sitting down to breakfast by 8:30 am.

Whether you eat breakfast or not, the inn has plenty of coffee and tea for you to enjoy in the Conservatory, along with the local newspaper, aka The Washington Post. If you want to sit down to eat, the breakfast/brunch menu is a limited but satisfying array of choices. We quickly ordered our choices (Avocado Toast for my friend and French Toast for me) and sipped our coffee. While waiting, Chef brought out a Raspberry Panna Cotta Amuse Bouche to start. I took a photo of it but didn't eat it since I really wanted to chow down on the home-made croissant.

PHOTO: The Goodstone Inn & Restaurant croissant (c) Sery Kim

Having ate the croissant, I definitely made the right choice holding back my calories so I could eat the carbs. It was very light, not super flaky, and quite buttery. Just good enough as I waited for my order of a more traditional breakfast of French Toast along with a side of eggs, aka the "Goodstone Inn Farm Fresh Eggs."

PHOTO: Goodstone Inn Farm Fresh Eggs

As for the French Toast, I really enjoyed the dish for being the right quantity and, also, for bringing out the maple syrup piping hot. Additionally, the French Toast was garnished with the most marvelous blueberries I've ever had in my entire. They were so good, in fact, I actually asked for a side of blueberries. "No problem!," our server brightly commented. "We actually get asked that a lot!" Turns out, Goodstone Inn grows their own blueberries and the difference in quality and taste between the commercially grown and Goodstone's personal garden makes me realize how much I need to have my own garden! "MAGNIFICENT! OMG, I DON'T EVEN LIKE FRUIT!" was my compliment to the Goodstone team.

PHOTO: A side of Goodstone Inn's home-grown blueberries (c) Sery Kim

Honestly my only complaint about the food here at the Goodstone Inn is that it is just too far a drive from where I live in Washington, D.C. proper for me to get to. But even though it is a two hour drive, I am concurrently (while writing this reviewing) booking another weekend here at the inn. I think that is probably the biggest compliment I could give to the property and, once you come here yourself, you will see why.


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