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The marvelous food of Squaw Valley + Mammoth Mountain

PHOTO: Soy Latte and the exceptional Keto Bowl at Coffeebar (c) Sery Kim

My mouth still waters when I think of the marvelous food at Squaw Valley and Mammonth Mountain. Both ski resorts in California have the freshest ingredients and hearty, filling flavors which will keep you going through beautiful runs down steep slopes. My favorite breakfast had to have been at Coffeebar where I had an exceptional Keto Bowl or, as Olympic Gold Medalist Jonny Moseley laughing commented, "It's hot sauce with a side of eggs." There were a wide variety of elements to bring this Keto Bowl to life and, I think, if I were able to eat this every morning back home in Washington, D.C., I would certainly loss the quantity of weight those dedicated to the Keto lifestyle seem to do.

PHOTO: The full-loaded "Country Tots" at Granite Bistro in Squaw Valley (c) Sery Kim

For lunch, there are plenty of solid options, but I had a favorite in Squaw Valley as well as a Mammoth Mountain. In Squaw, I was particularly taken by both the views and the food at Granite Bistro. Guests have to take the tram all the way up to the very top of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort to get to Granite Bistro. Once off, the expansive restaurant has floor-to-ceiling windows so you can look out at the slopes while eating. If you only order one thing, you absolutely have to order the "Country Tots." Loaded with grilled pork, gruyere cheese and Sriracha, these tator tots were the most interesting, super delicious tater tots I've ever had!

PHOTO: One of the delightful beers at The Melt House on Mammoth Mountain (c) Sery Kim

As for Mammoth Mountain, my mouth still waters just thinking about the Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup at The Melt House. Located on the back side of the mountain, The Melt House isn't a fancy place at all. In fact, the entire restaurant is located outside with picnic tables setting the alpine scene. But what it lacks in decor, or a roof and walls, it more than makes up in taste. I literally wanted to bath myself in the thick, slightly sweet Tomato Soup and I DO NOT LIKE TOMATO SOUP. Instead, I took my grilled cheese sandwich and dipped it into the soup, demolishing my bowl of soup before I asked someone else if I could have some of their's. Again. I don't like tomato soup so this is high praise indeed from me. Honestly, I was so ravenous after a fantastic three-hours of "confidence building skiing," aka going down blacks at Mammoth Mountain, I just wanted to shove food into my body -- hence the lack of food photo and only a beer photo -- but it doesn't take away from how much I enjoyed my meal.

PHOTO: Pisco Sour at Shelter Distillery in Mammoth (c) Sery Kim

Of course, as with most ski resorts, the apres life is really what people desire for their entertainment. There was no way Mammoth Mountain could have lived up to our apres life in Squaw Valley where Jonny Moseley absolutely crushed it in karaoke!!!! Actually, I myself had a hard time trying to get over our initial evening of apres in Squaw, aka lots of drinking, so laid fairly low the other evenings in that ski resort and even over in Mammoth. Still, after four days of skiing, I very much wanted to enjoy a chill Pisco Scour cocktail at Shelter Distillery before our four hour drive over to Reno. Good thing I did because in Reno I had a quite delicious burger and needed the liquid courage to even get a quarter of the way through. The quadruple layer Deluxe Shelter Distillery burger was absolutely massive and I wasn't expecting it. If you want to grab something super hearty before a long flight, then this is certainly your place.

PHOTO: The burger at Shelter Distillery (c) Sery Kim

When I got home from this trip, I missed having such a great variety of food (healthy food) I ate in California so I look forward to getting back to this part of California to ski, eat and drink again really soon.


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