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Thank you Nick Stefanelli for an unforgettable dinner at Masseria!

PHOTO: The Caviar at Masseria (c) Sery Kim

Before I write the full recap of my unforgettable dinner at Massiera, I wanted to thank Executive Chef and Owner Nick Stefanelli for personally cooking this seven course, three hour extravaganza. My previous two experiences at Masseria were greatly varied. The first time I went with The New York Times food critic -- he was writing the story and I was the guest -- so I got to enjoy an ultra-luxurious, leisurely dining experience: 10 courses, wine pairings with every plating, all the desserts and a sip of every Amaro in Masseria's Amaro library. The second time I went, on a date, post event for a quick drink and a bite. Also fun but fundamentally a different experience. This time, my third time, I went for myself and I really could not have been more pleased with the entire experience.

PHOTO: Oysters and Caviar at Massiera (c) Sery Kim

Nick has created a real masterpiece with his restaurant and, I will say without questions, Masseria is my favorite go-to restaurant for a real celebratory experience. Be sure to tune into the blog for a full review later this week. Until then, cheers!

PHOTO: A Masseria cocktail (c) Sery Kim

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