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The brilliant CBD massage at Gaylord Relache Spae

PHOTO: The CBD products used at Relache Spa (c) Sery Kim

As the cannabis/marijuana/hemp craze floods the country, I have just shaken my head in annoyance. I have never been a fan and, as a result, I've never used "weed" nor do I even like the smell of the product as it constantly permeates the Washington, D.C. area where I live. But whatever I feel about cannabis, I absolutely love spas.

I love facials and massages. I love scrubs and relaxing afternoons spent staring out at picturesque landscapes in a cushy robe. I love doing absolutely nothing with my cell phone locked in a locker. So when the Relache Spa offered me a chance to visit for the first time and try their new CBD massage, I gamely volunteered myself.

PHOTO: The view from the Relache Spa (c) Sery Kim

The Relache Spa is located on the lobby level of the immense Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center. I have not been there since a massive Texas State Society party in 2008 and had forgotten how big it actually was. Whereas most buildings in D.C. are small in scale, the Gaylord feels as big as Texas itself. Thankfully, the spa is more intimate and not as intimidating as the complex.

PHOTO: CBD products at Relache Spa (c) Sery Kim

The spa is basic in its overall amenities, with a sauna, a jacuzzi and a steam but the service is impeccable. I particularly have to commend the older Asian woman cleaning the facilities. She kept walking around the facility for the entire 90 minutes before my treatment, as well as the 30 minutes I rested after my treatment. She kept the place immaculate and I really wish I knew her name because she was so friendly, kind and helpful while working one of the hardest jobs in service, aka cleaning!

Also note-worthy is the CBD massage itself. Beginning in April, for $185, you can try this amazing massage procedure. The product has ZERO smell. You won't leave smelling like weed -- and you won't be high at all. The product really just loosens your muscles and relaxes them. I know I certainly felt very calm after, which I need because I am constantly stressed out as all get out!!!! The head masseuse Dan had great technical skills and was well worth the price. In fact, I can't wait to book another appointment myself!

PHOTO: Another of the CBD products being used (c) Sery Kim

You can contact the Relache Spa yourself here and read my full review by picking up the May edition of Capitol File Magazine.

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