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Happy St. Patty's Day + Happy Birthday to Me!

PHOTO: Me with my birthday cake made by Marie Elena Luis (c) Sery Kim

This past Saturday, my wonderful friends helped me celebrate both St. Patty's Day as well as my birthday! For those who are "in the know," my actual birthday isn't until April but, since I am moving in two weeks, this was the perfect way to have a final blow-out party at my house ... and MAN WAS IT CRAZY! My friends literally showered me with sugar and rose, two of my absolute favorite combination, as well as lots of hugs.

I'm big into hugs!

PHOTO: I love decorating with balloons (c) Sery Kim

For those who want advice on how to through a great party, I will say the key element is VOLUME. Not volume of food or drinks or decorations. Volume of people. People love to hang out with other people, particular when there is a common friend in common, so I focused on volume and very little on actual prep.

In fact, to prep, I didn't really do anything except buy balloons and a couple of snacks. I do actually love to cook and, on my birthday, I used to cook a multi-course dinner from scratch to impress my friends. However, at this point, my friends know me well enough to know I just want to have people over to my house drinking so they were well prepared.

PHOTO: Dave and I with all of my gifted rose drinks (c) Sery Kim

So with that being said my friend Marie Elena made a red velvet cake from scratch, and everyone just came together for a really good time. I started the party earlier in the day (hence the bright sunshine) to be considerate of my neighbors. After five hours of revelry, we went out to the join the Saturday night St. Patty's crowd.

PHOTO: A hug of love from my good friend Jason, aka my long-time D.C. big brother (c) Sery Kim

PHOTO: Victoria's new beau, me and my girl Victoria (who we were going to do a Bravo show together (c) Sery Kim

I don't know whether I am old or whether I am young, but the crowd out on Saturday were already well-lit into the evening despite it only being 10:30 pm. In light of the dual reasons for celebrating, I was convinced to do an Irish Car Bomb. As you can see from the photo below, I downed it well -- I'm not into beer but I'm great with shots, ha! I joked I would never be Senate confirmed for anything with this photo, however, I literally think that is not true. Fun times!

PHOTO: Me doing an Irish Car Bomb on Capitol Hill (c) Sery Kim

Overall, I just want to thank those who could make it as well as all the well wishes! It was a wonderful time, and I am grateful to God for all my dear friendships. I love them all so much!

Also, I am going to go home to my nephew Jackson for my actual birthday so I am sure there will be more photos to come, as well as a review of some new restaurants and hotels in the Plano, Texas area. CHEERS!

PHOTO: Me making the only cocktail I know how to make (c) Sery Kim

PHOTO: Screenshot of me having fun (c) Sery Kim

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