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I'm in the Cherry Blossom PUB social media campaign!

PHOTO: Screenshot of Drink Company's newest Instagram post

Well, that's pretty fun! Yesterday I discovered I was in Drink Company's newest social media campaign for their 2019 iteration of the Cherry Blossom PUB. (And, of course, typical me I was on my phone working until my plus one could join me. I am always working!!) I had gone this Tuesday night for their media preview night -- and yes I did try alllllllllllllllll the drinks! As per usual, much like their Christmas bar, the Game of Thrones bar, etc., all of the decor and drinks were fabulous. Truly, it was a beautiful and tasty evening!

PHOTO: "Honeydew, Honey See" (c) Sery Kim

Be sure to check out the full review later this week/weekend, but until then enjoy this video of me doing a classic Sake Bomb!

PHOTO: Me doing a Sake Bomb at the Cherry Blossom PUB pop-up bar (c) Sery Kim

#highlights #lookoftheday

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