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PSA: Girl Scout cookie season is upon us!

PHOTO: My stash of Girl Scout cookies (c) Sery Kim

Yesterday I received my delivery of Girl Scout cookies. I don't know what it is about this iconic brand which brings me so much joy, but I truly felt happiness to have so much wonderful treats in my home -- they are, actually, all in the freezer since I am currently on a restrictive diet. Maybe it's because every time I see Girl Scout cookies, I am shot right back to my past to my childhood. I never was a Girl Scout myself -- my parents, who were working class immigrants, neither had the money or time (specifically the money) to enroll me in Girl Scouts -- but I always looked on with envy at the girls in elementary school with their beautiful uniforms.

Now, as an adult, when I see any mention of the Girl Scouts, I think only of the cookies. (I suppose, in some Freudian way, buying cookies is a chance to take me back to the childhood of my dreams.) Not having any children myself, I don't always find buying the cookies the easiest but this year one of my girl friends had her oldest child Elise join the Girl Scouts. At 6 1/2 years old, Elise is absolutely adorable so I couldn't wait to buy a bunch of cookies and I feel like I did a pretty decent job of buying a lot! There were 4 Thin Mints, 4 Samoas (my favorite), 2 Do-si-Dos and 2 Tagalongs in my delivery box, along with the cutest thank-you note!

PHOTO: My thank-you note from Elise (c) Sery Kim

I love that my friends are raising their children right!! If you haven't bought your supply of Girl Scout cookies, the website actually can help you find cookies in your zip code here. Happy eating!!!


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