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Thank you GRO for my new check-in luggage bag!

PHOTO: My brand new G-RO check-in luggage (c) Sery Kim

This weekend I received G-RO's newest style, their "Check-in" bag. For those who don't know, G-RO is the company Ellen featured a few years ago for their carry-on bag. Since then, the company's Kickstarter campaign has raised over $3 million dollars and they have produced a wide variety of bags. You can shop all the styles here: https://g-ro.com/collections/shop-all.

PHOTO: My G-RO carry-on bag and my brand new check-in bag (c) Sery Kim

The biggest benefit of this line of luggage are their amazing wheels. They are all-terrain and whenever I travel through Europe, aka cobblestone streets, the carry-on makes life so seamless. Additionally, the handles and grips of the G-RO brand are wider instead of the flimsy and terrible AWAY luggage which are so fashionable. (I have given away and sold any piece of AWAY luggage because the handles are so awful.)

PHOTO: The shoe compartment in the G-RO check-in bag (c) Sery Kim

Oh. And I shouldn't forget the very cool compartment just for shoes as well as mentioning all G-RO luggage allow for charging of multiple devices! Can't wait to take this G-RO out on the road!

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