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Hello from Gansevoort Villas Turks + Caicos!

PHOTO: Standing in the Atlantic Ocean, on my own private staircase into the water (c) Sery Kim

After a long day of flying -- rain related weather delay in Atlanta -- I'm not sure I can come up with the right words to say how fantastic it was to be able to stand in the crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The Gansevoort Villas at Turks + Caicos is even more "BEYOND" ( or as my friends back home in 20-degree Washington, D.C. repeatedly exclaimed, "If there was an envy emoticon, I would use it!") than I imagined, which is really saying something considering how many ultra-luxury properties I have stayed in over the years.

PHOTO: The second pool in the main entry courtyard (c) Sery Kim

For me, what makes Gansevoort Villas Turks + Caicos stand out is the design-elements of "don't think" comfort, which is the ultimate luxury. When I am living my life, and even when I travel, my brain is always going 60 million miles an hour. I am thinking about how I am going to get to where I am going; I think about what I am going to eat; I think about how I am going to access whatever it is I want to access for fun; and, most particularly, I always think about what I am going to look like doing it. This stress and anxiety really makes me not always able to enjoy what I am doing. However, the properties which stand out to me, are the ones which require me to NOT think AT ALL.

PHOTO: My private Infinity Pool at Gansevoort Villas Turks + Caicos (c) Sery Kim

At Gansevoort Villas Turks + Caicos, they specialize in not thinking at all. Every detail ... all is taking care of before you arrive, every preference and desire noted and satisfied. The entire property also has dual layers of security: a private security guard and a security system in each villa, something very important for a young lady traveling by herself. Once, I stayed at a gorgeous 10,000 square foot villa in Mexico, with my own exclusive staff of 10, but at the end of the night literally everyone left. I was left alone without any security and I didn't sleep a wink. In fact, I got so scared, I actually called the front desk around 1 am in the morning because I distinctly heard something trying to get into my home. "It's just the animals roaming around property," the annoyed security guard told me. "I don't care what it is, I want someone" and the General Manager ending up staying in one of the rooms the rest of the trip because I was so terrified.

The concerns of traveling alone are serious but Gansevoort Villas Turks + Caicos makes me feel as safe as if my boyfriend was sleeping in bed with me! Knowing these facts, I slept like a R-O-C-K last night, so comfortable and safe!

PHOTO; Me taking a selfie in the backyard of my villa (c) Sery Kim

As for the fun related elements, the Gansevoort Villas have so many areas for perfect social media capturing -- a crucial part of being a successful travel writer!! They also have wonderful cocktails and food. We had a fabulous dinner last night at Zest, one of the many restaurants on property, and I can't wait for you all to read the full review! Until then, back to the sun and fun here in Turks and Caicos!!! I AM SO BLESSED!!!

PHOTO: Impeccable drinks at ZEST last night (c) Sery Kim

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