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Snow day in D.C.: where to eat, stay and what to do

PHOTO: A snowy evening stroll in Old Town Alexandria last night (c) Sery Kim


As everyone knows I absolutely love to ski and, as a result, it's a pretty safe bet to say I am big into snow! Unfortunately, in Washington, D.C. we don't get a whole lot of snow but this weekend we lucked out with 4-6 inches of those beautifully glossy flakes Saturday night, with another 3-4 inches of fresh snow Sunday. It made for a winter wonderland, and we actually braved the conditions to take some photos Sunday night in Old Town Alexandria. The lighting was beautiful.

PHOTO: A cemetery in Old Town Alexandria (c) Sery Kim

For those who aren't fortunate enough to have someone close-by who is an excellent cook -- I am surrounded by amazing chefs! -- my favorite D.C. magazine Washingtonian put together a great list of snow day specials here.

For me, whenever there is snow, I always look to a hotel for assistance. After all, they have generators (!); free coffee (!!); hot water (!!!); and several of the hotels in D.C. are brand new! Consider The Moxy, a Marriott branded hotel which just opened 2 1/2 months ago, targeting a younger set. Room rates are very cheap for D.C., and they have a growing food-and-beverage program. I am actually going to stay one night this month so be sure to read the blog for a full review!

PHOTO: Taking photos on the 395 bridge between Maryland Virginia (c) Sery Kim

Also, the long-awaited Conrad Washington, D.C. is opening their doors in February. I am particularly excited about this hotel opening because it is the Conrad's first foray into the DMV, and the luxury hotel line (Hilton is the parent family) has a strong reputation. Fun times ahead, for sure!

In the meantime, be sure to stay safe, dry and warm!

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