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A White House Christmas

PHOTO: Me amongst the infamous red Christmas trees at The White House (c) Sery Kim

As many of you know, I have a "grown-up day job" in politics and yesterday I was privileged to be invited to The White House for a holiday open house. I always feel so honored to visit the home of our President (whichever the party may be) and yesterday was no different. There really is something so-very exciting about walking through the doors of this beautiful home.

You can imagine, with 250 volunteers decorating as well as the sheer volume of visitors (allegedly 35,000) during the holidays, the decorations are absolutely stunning. I particularly loved the red trees the First Lady put up since the bright red really makes for some awesome photos!

PHOTO: Olivia (c) Sery Kim

Speaking of photos, everyone is pretty chill about waiting in line and moving out of the way to take photos. We all want the most "instagram-able moment," as one cheeky 23-year-old staffer stated. LOVE IT. We had a little baby Olivia nearby us when we walked through and I adored this one of Olivia amongst the "red trees," which are in fact cranberry trees (not real cranberries as they would never last through the entire holiday season). There is something magical about a child's first Christmas and if your parents work at the State Department your set of photos include The White House!

PHOTO: Me admiring the cranberry trees (c) Sery Kim

Each of the rooms in the East Wing have Christmas decorations, with themes associated with each room. Sometimes I feel the decorations all blend together; however, I always pay particular attention to the wonderful live music. The First Lady's office picks musicians to play throughout the tour and yesterday we had a chance to listen to a chorale group from Annandale High School in nearby Virginia plus a string quartet from one Midwest family. The music, truly, made everything more magical!

PHOTO: Christmas decorations in the East Room (c) Sery Kim

PHOTO: Obligatory White House selfie (c) Sery Kim

PHOTO: A photo for the parents (c) Sery Kim

While not anyone can come into The White House, you can schedule a White House Tour three months in advance through this link here. If you have less time, then you can contact your Member of Congress to see if they can work with the Visitor's Office to get you in.

PHOTO: Classic White House photo (c) Sery Kim

More holiday related items to come in December!! Have a Merry Christmas!!!

PHOTO: Hershey kisses as souvenirs (c) Sery Kim

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