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DC favorite Bresca has a new sister restaurant on its way!

PHOTO: Chef Ryan Ratino of BRESCA by Rey Lopez

Chef Ryan Ratino, Owner and Executive Chef of one Michelin starred BRESCA, will be adding restaurant Jônt to his burgeoning culinary empire.

Set to open in the late Spring of 2019, the 18-seat kitchen experience will offer a progressive menu formatted into eight or eleven courses (priced between $83-$97), with themes focused on simple culinary principles. For instance, the “time” menu theme will focus on "the beauty, leisure and satisfying process of making a great meal," with time-centric elements including dry-aged meats, vinegars, lacto-fermented fruits and vegetables, misos, and more.

“There is something very attractive about the rhythm and timeliness of cooking. When our team spends time in the kitchen is not only to achieve a final result, but also about the little and special moments along the way. The sound of an old wooden board cracking, the hot oil in the pan, the smell of onions and garlic – these are simple moments but they are part of something bigger that make ordinary things extraordinary. We value the time we spend in our kitchens, the time products take to become prime, the time we spend with loved ones, and our hope is that our menu reflects this appreciation.”

The restaurant will be open for dinner Wednesday through Saturday from 5:30 – 11:00PM. Reservations can be made through Tock reservation system one month in advance. Bar Jônt will be open for service from Tuesday to Sundays from 5:00PM to 2:00AM.

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