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Merry Christmas from my home to yours!

PHOTO: My Christmas tree last night after being set-up (c) Sery Kim

I always get the most excited about this stretch of year, between Thanksgiving Day and New Year's Day. While retailers gasp in eager anticipation for the commercial influx of customers over this six week span ("Hello Black Friday!"), I get giddy at the thought of seasonal decorations, food (even more than normal for me, ha!), drinks (merry MERRY!) and, of course, setting up my Christmas tree.

Unlike my little brother who has a 25-foot fake Christmas tree, I always get a real tree -- which I rue in January when I take down the tree and have to spend an hour cleaning up the fallen bristles and tinsel. There is just something about the smell of a real evergreen filling the air in my home which makes me come a little bit more alive. This year it was particularly nice to be on the hunt for a Christmas tree since last year I didn't buy a Christmas tree (too much traveling).

PHOTO: Trees in the lot of the Optimist Youth Club of Arlington, VA (c) Sery Kim

When I lived in Northwest D.C., I went to Dan and Bryan Trees. They definitely have the best looking trees, in my opinion, and are well-known for being the official Christmas tree supplier to The White House (irrespective of party). Even though they have the most exceptional trees, in 2016, I moved out to Arlington, VA so I went for convenience. On the way to the grocery store after Thanksgiving, I came upon the Optimist Club of Arlington, at the corner of Lee Highway and Glebe Road, with youths slaving away (haha). Serendipitous!! I think I bought a nine-foot tree and it bloomed beautifully through the eight weeks I kept it standing in my home. So this year, despite living in Navy Yard, I went back to the Optimist Club of Arlington -- where the funds go to support the youth -- to buy my tree. More info here on how to find the Optimist Club of Arlington.

I "only" bought a seven foot tree and it fits pretty perfect in my home! Total cost: $75. All the gold and silver decorations, all the glitter and tinsel and shine, fit perfectly into my holiday theme this year of MORE, like these Sam Edelman loafers I bought on Black Friday for $40. It made me deliriously happy to stare at it last night while I watched Christmas with the Kranks, my favorite holiday movie.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Merry Christmas!

PHOTO: My only Black Friday purchase, a pair of Sam Edelman shoes for $40 (c) Sery Kim


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