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Happy Thanksgiving!

PHOTO: The world's most adorable baby, my nephew Jackson Parker (c) Sery Kim

As we gather with friends and family today, I am particularly reminded of how fortunate I am to have so many wonderful people in my life. My little brother Chris and his lovely wife Kristy have the world's cutest kid, aka my nephew Jackson Parker, -- the photo is of him dressed as a turkey at his first Thanksgiving -- and he brings endless joy to me!! Since I can't be in Texas with them, and the rest of my family (parents and my older brother) are scattered around the world, I am bringing my "D.C. family" over to my house for Thanksgiving today. Thanksgiving is kind-of like that now that I am older: most of my peers stay in their city of occupation for Thanksgiving and then spend extended times at home over Christmas.

PHOTO: Prepping and decorating for Thanksgiving at my house (c) Sery Kim

This is my first Thanksgiving where I play hostess. I'm not nervous about it, even though the whole Thanksgiving experiment could be a terrible failure. I think my confidence has less to do with my cooking (lots of enthusiasm not so much practice with making a turkey) and everything to do with me having an abundance of alcohol. I'm not much of a drinker, though all of my staged "shot" and "drinking" photos on social media would say otherwise, but I have had a lot of alcohol gifted to me for various food and travel segments I have been doing this fall. So with the confidence of a marvelous liquor supply, I thought "Why not have everyone over for Thanksgiving!?! If the food is awful, then at least there is enough alcohol to soothe over the bad after-taste!" Seriously thought, it should be a great time of eating and drinking and merriment ... and if all else fails D.C. has a slew of wonderful hotel restaurants open for Thanksgiving! Happy eating!

PHOTO: Last night's pre-Thanksgiving merriment at the Christmas Bar Pop-Up VIP preview night with my buddy Christine (c) Sery Kim


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