• Sery Kim

Happy Election Day!

As many know, I have a dual life in food/travel and politics. Living one or the other is a blessing in-and-of-itself, but every Election Day I remember to count my blessings even more in being an American Citizen. I am grateful beyond words to my immigrant parents -- who came to the United States not for themselves but for their children -- so I could have every opportunity to live my life to the fullest. In their love, devotion and penultimate sacrifice(s) for me, I have had the chance to work for two Presidents, in Congress and in two presidential campaigns. Every day, my life truly is the embodiment of the American Dream and today I remember those before my parents, who helped paved the way, as well as to all those who are serving and volunteering to ensure our continued Right To Vote.

Irrespective of Party, today is a celebration of being an American and I look forward to continuing to live my life to the fullest!

Thank you U.S.A.!

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