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Thanks for having me on ABC!

PHOTO: Me on set with Julie Wright and award-winning bartender Todd Thrasher

I had so much fun being on ABC's Let's Talk Live today with my good friend Julie Wright. Award-winning bartender Todd Thrasher joined me in this segment as we discussed some of our favorite fall cocktails. We drank, chatted and talked up Todd's new place Potomac Distilling Company -- opening November 16, 2018 -- as well as some of my favorite home-made cocktails like Monkey Shoulder Hot Toddy and St. Nicholas Abbey Rum from Barbados.

PHOTO: Selfie today before segment (c) Sery Kim

As for my television look, I wore a new dress today, which is what I do for segments. Very inexpensive dress from SHEIN. Loved it -- only cost me $18! And of course did a lot of hair and make-up (done by myself). When the link is live I will be sure to share but, in the meantime, thanks as always for your support!

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