• Sery Kim

Thank you Spoken English!

PHOTO: Duck Wings at Spoken English

This weekend I had a chance to try out the newest, most popular place inside The Line Hotel: Spoken English. Despite (or perhaps because of) it being a standing experience, between the main kitchen galley and the stairs leading up to the hotel lobby, where a dozen diners max can fit at one time, Spoken English was exceptionally fun! I can't wait to go through all my photos and notes to write a proper review. Many thanks for Erik Bruner-Yang for constantly being tremendously accessible and eminently talented! My tastebuds still sizzle with delight.

Also it was great to try another one of Pichet Ong's magic dessert creations. The Black ($9), made with mango, black lime and puff rice was fantastic!

PHOTO: The Black dessert at Spoken English

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