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First taste of Del Mar

PHOTO: Me and my mentor Anita McBride (c) Sery Kim

Yesterday I had a chance to visit Del Mar, right now the most acclaimed restaurant in Washington, D.C. (See generally here.) A dear friend hosted a woman's lunch there and I was so focused on chatting I hardly noticed the visuals of food being dropped, gracefully, onto my table. I will say, when I entered, I was instantly drawn to the stunning decor. I wish I could own a home as graciously decorated, as alive with color/light/textures and a kind-of sumptuous elegance, as Del Mar. When I go back, I am definitely going to request a full tour!

PHOTO: A Del Mar Salad (c) Sery Kim

Now back to the real item of interest, the food. Despite its luminous reputation, I have not yet had the pleasure of eating at Del Mar primarily because when the restaurant first opened I wasn't able to land a coveted reservation. Then, after a few months, there were just so many other restaurants opening in Washington, D.C., I honestly kind-of forgot about Del Mar. Shame on me!

I say all this to justify two things. Primarily, I failed to look at the main restaurant menu while I was there to know whether the marvelous dishes I tasted during lunch would be available to anyone and, secondarily, I failed to identify what I ate. TOTAL FOODIE FAIL. I chalk this up to the amazing 2 1/2 hour luncheon, as well as the spectacular conversations, but each dish blossomed with delightful tastes! For instance, this salad above not only looked beautiful, it tasted even better.

PHOTO: Our main dish (c) Sery Kim

I attempted to eat as much of the salad but while I was working the room my salad got picked up. Oops! I mourned the few forkfuls which didn't end up in my stomach and eagerly anticipated the main dish. Everything Chef Fabio Trabbochi has created -- and taught -- his team really resonated with me in their dexterity and creativity. For instance, the classic Surf and Turf was re-imaged with the meatiness of the Turf replaced by Morrel Mushrooms. Combining this with the surf and tomatoes made the dish feel healthy yet a taste naughty. I loved it.

PHOTO: Dessert (c) Sery Kim

Instead of a chocolate dish, for us "Ladies who Lunch," this gorgeous pomme de tarte, deconstructed variation appeared. I know it's terrible but I really wanted another one. I was thiiiiiiiiiis close to getting one when I was volunteered to kick-off the question-and-answer period for our VIP guest. Shoot! Yet again, another reason why I am desperate to go back since I am a true dessert aficionado.

PHOTO: Copy of the menu (c) Sery Kim

If you had any doubts about whether you should go and dine, be sure to book your reservation ASAP. I just booked mine for November and counting down the days!


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