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Get excited DC! The Death Becomes Us Pub opens today!

PHOTO: Me last night at the Death Becomes Us Pub VIP preview night (c) Sery Kim

Last night I had a very tasty evening previewing the Drink Company's latest pop-up, the Death Becomes Us Pub. Created in partnership with Bright Young Things, the creators of the Cherry Blossom Pop-Up, Christmas Bar Pop-Up and the epic Game of Thrones has added to their ever-popular rotation a scary (yet immensely fun) experience.

PHOTO: Some of Drink Company's special projects director Matt Fox's design

Located in Shaw on 1843 7th Street NW (put in "Drink Company" for you Lyft fans), the Death Becomes Us Pub opens today and runs through November 3-4, the actual two days of the BYT True Crime festival. As with all their previous pubs, the decor inside is instantly Instagramable and utterly riveting. Each room, and every hallway, has a design scheme created from the imagination of Drink Company's Special Projects Director Matt Fox. Because I am such a Stranger Things fan (how is Season Three a year away!?!), the hallway connecting the two main rooms had the most draw for me in its simplicity.

PHOTO: A Stranger Things inspired hallway (c) Sery Kim

Now, whether you like scary things or not, the real pulsating heart of any Drink Company pop-up is their fantastic beverage program. I've never been to a single event they have thrown where I didn't love ALL the cocktails, but I think this pop-up had my most favorites.

PHOTO: Menu at Death Becomes Us Pop-Up (c) Sery Kim

Throughout the course of the night I tried 9 out of their 10 cocktails. Now before you go and think I got even remotely drunk, what I do whenever I go and review an establishment is order a drink, have 3 sips to taste, photograph it and then I move on to the next cocktail. I never finish all the drinks -- that's what friends and plus ones are for (ha!) -- and I keep aside the one cocktail I like best so I can close the evening with it.

Not very scandalous I'm afraid.

PHOTO: My initial collection of cocktails (c) Sery Kim

Now, whether I do a review or not, I typically request the bartender "give me a sweet drink." I'm not sure why I gravitate to starting my evenings with a sweet beverage, but it's just something I've become accustomed to and have stuck with. For the Death Becomes Us Pub, the recommended sweet cocktail was the Covered in Honey. I do love how cocktails are becoming more and more infused with honey, as it is a natural flavoring element. Overall, I found this cocktail sweet but not saccharine so it was an even start to the evening.

I enjoyed how easily it went down though the second cocktail which came through, The Perfect Crime, went down even easier. This is not to mean any offense to the esteemed Drink Company beverage program, but The Perfect Crime tasted almost like a Crystal Light Lemonade, knowing it is packed with alcohol. The less vibrant flavor makes this a very dangerous drink, in my opinion, as you could become drunk really fast on it!

PHOTO: Another view of Covered in Honey (c) Sery Kim

Overall, my two favorite drinks were the Black Dahlia, which most closely resembled an Old Fashioned (my cocktail of choice), and the super fun Bad and BOOzy shot. Not sure what is up with me and shots lately -- I did one at The Green Zone the other day -- but I think they remind me of my more carefree days. Actually, that's not true because I've never really been "carefree" and I've equally never been much of a drinker. The most drinks, I think, I have ever had in one day was six drinks and that was over the course of 12 hours, with plenty of water in-between.

PHOTO: An instant classic of me doing the Bad and BOOzy shot (c) Sery Kim

PHOTO: Feeling pretty confident about what is to come (c) Sery Kim

PHOTO: The Bad and BOOzy shot (c) Sery Kim

I hope you all get a chance to go over the next three weeks and try it. Hours are Sunday through Thursday, 5 PM to 12:30 AM; Friday and Saturday, 5 PM to 1:30 AM.


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