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Amazing treatment at AVEDA Institute Washington DC

PHOTO: My hair after my appointment today (c) Sery Kim

So, generally speaking, I have a really hard time finding the right person to do my hair. I become incredibly frustrated when the individual who colors it, or cuts it, or styles it, doesn't do it EXACTLY the way that I want -- and as high maintenance as I am I know exactly what I want. Today, however, I found a stylist at AVEDA Institute Washington DC who surpassed all my expectations. Her name is Kim' Dra Marable and she is a student. A student!! She colored my hair with more professionalism than I have found at salons which charge $200 -- she only charges $42, including the blow-dry-and-style -- and left no color on my fact AT ALL. Additionally, she blow-dryed my hair to PERFECTION. Absolute perfection.

The impeccableness of her service really blew me away and I could not have been happier! So happy, in fact, before I left I booked two more appointments just for styling this month. And the best part of this is the price. If you didn't know, the AVEDA Institute Washington DC is a school for beauticians and charges a fraction of the price. Unfortunately, you 99.9% of the time get what you pay for, which is lopsided service. Yet this gem colored my hair, dried it and styled it immaculately for a full-sum total of $42. As many of you know, this would cost around $200-$300 without tip at any other salon in D.C.

No wonder I'm so happy!

I highly recommend you ask for Kim' Dra Marable as well. Call Aveda Institute here.


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