• Sery Kim

Thank you Cognac Frapin!

PHOTO: My two bottles of Cognac Frapin delivered to my home last night (c) Sery Kim

I'm not sure exactly how I became someone which received bottles of liquor and wine in the mail to review, but by whatever professional magic led me to this place (ha!) I am certainly pleased-as-punch about the entire situation!! Last night I came home after work and 90 minutes of super hot yoga to these beautiful bottles from Cognac Frapin. Made in, naturally, Cognac, France (the beating heart of the global champagne and cognac export empire of France), Frapin is a family owned distiller established in 1270.

1270!! Wow. It's hard to image any family owned property lasting nearly a century.

As of today, 21 generations of the Frapin family have been producing beautiful wines and cognacs on 240 hectares of vineyards in the Grande Champagne region in South-West France. You can discover more on the family history here. I am going to meet the Cellar Master of this beautiful product in D.C. in a few weeks so I will be sure to report back more details on the history, process and taste of this beautiful liquor!


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