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Look of the Day: Glam Workwear

PHOTO: Selfie in the metro (c) Sery Kim

What most people don't know is during the day I have what I refer to as a "grown-up day job," utilizing my law degree, which I spend 70 hours a week working. As a result, my wardrobe tends to skew to lots of boring blues and dark colors Monday - Friday. However, every-so-often, I let myself branch out a bit a buy a pop of color for the workweek. The transitional weather of fall particularly helps me to find some unique/fun fashion pieces including my newest purchase: the WAYF Glen Plaid Minidress.

PHOTO: Nordstroms

Even before Meghan Markle made coatdress a big fashion "do," I have loved coat-dresses for its combination of professionalism and ease. Typically, it's pretty hard to find a good one, aka one which doesn't look like a paper bag was dumped over your head. Also, I have a fairly curvy figure so I like to have one nipped in the waist. This dress fit exactly like I wanted it to. I purchased mine in the medium size because I like my workweek dresses to be a bit baggy. As a result, the dip in front went a biiiiiiit low for me so I had to safety-pin it closed. Still not so much of a problem with the dress but with my personal preference for slightly baggy.

PHOTO: Nordstroms

Now, because I have bought WAYF dresses before -- and all of them fit perfectly -- this one was a "no-brainer" purchase. I saw it online and pulled out my debit card a few seconds later. Plus, contrary to popular opinion, my favorite color is lavender NOT navy. The dress looked divine when it arrived last night so I steamed it up this morning, added some extra eye make-up and a darker lip before walking out the door. Next thing you know, I have guys following me (no joke!) from my walk from my house to the Metro. This isn't narcissism. The men (plural) were standing in front of me but when I walked by they started to walk.


Still I love this look and can't wait to wear the dress again! You can purchase yours here.


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