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Opera in the Outfield

PHOTO: Opera in the Outfield (c) Sery Kim

One of D.C.'s favorite annual events is Opera in the Outfield. Presented by the Washington National Opera, in conjunction with Nationals Park, Opera is a free event for the community where an actual opera is lives-streamed into the baseball stadium. As a lover of classical music, it's always nice to see so many others who feel the same and we really were fortunate this past Saturday night to have blissful weather.

PHOTO: My buddy/neighbor Steve (his girlfriend is one of my closest friends) and I (c) Sery KIm

Gates opened at 5:00 pm for the opera to start at 7:00 pm. Around 4:15 pm, when I was headed to an early dinner, there was already a large queue. What I didn't know then (but what I discovered later) was the "first come, first served" applies to tickets to sit on the actual grounds of the stadium. It sounds like a super cool idea but, honestly, the seats were far more comfortable.

As for food and drink, M&M was on hand to give out plenty of free candy, and all the concession stands on the first concourse were open. Lines were long but everyone was pretty happy. Word to the wise: you can actually bring in your own food so remember that for next year.

The opera which was played was The Barber of Seville. If you love Figaro (or have watched any Looney Tunes cartoon), then you love The Barber of Seville. Sadly, for me, the music itself was quite average. Like I said, I am a huge opera fan and I found I did not like either the Tenor or the Soprano. Ah well. It was free, fun and cool so I can't complain too much -- I did leave early though so my buddy and I could link up with some other friends for further Saturday festivities.

Be sure to mark your calendars for next year's event!

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