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Fall's newest flavors at two of my fav D.C. restaurants

PHOTO: Fresh Ricotta Bruschetta at All Purpose Capital Riverfront (c) Sery Kim

Fall is my favorite time of year and I eagerly anticipate the change from the scorching humidity of D.C. summers to the fresh breezes of fall. Lucky for me, this year Fall arrived on a weekend with nearly perfection temperatures of 75 degrees on both Saturday and Sunday. It was the backdrop of many D.C. festivities including pre-gaming before Opera in the Outfield at Nationals Park at All-Purpose Capital Riverfront, my home-away from home.

PHOTO: Another shot of the Fresh Ricotta Bruschetta (c) Sery Kim

Even though I have tried most of the menu at my neighborhood favorite, the Fresh Ricotta Bruschetta was new to me. I wasn't expecting the light fluffiness of the whipped fresh ricotta sweetly cut by the Calabrian chili honey on top, with a near basket of toasted almonds, sprinkled with fried rosemary. Helping to make the dish fun was the thinly sliced, warm toast. Delightful!

PHOTO: Two new fall flavors at Ice Cream Jubilee (c) Sery Kim

Then on Sunday I stopped by Ice Cream Jubilee so I could try the two new fall flavors. I thought I would never find a flavor I like more than (1) the Honey Lemon Lavender; (2) the Cookies and Cookie Dough; (3) the Marionberry; and (4) the Bourbon Banana Caramel -- basically I love all the flavors there, ha! -- but the new Apple Butter Oatmeal Raisin Cookie makes me moan with desire. The flavors are incredibly vivid and taste like each of the individual ingredients. I also tried the Sweet Potato Molasses ice cream, which equally resonated with me.

I love living in my neighborhood and can't wait for all the new restaurants to come!

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