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Friday Night Lights: make-up essentials

PHOTO: Lyft ride selfie to dinner Friday night at Unconventional Diner (c) Sery Kim

Over the years, with an endless mix of formal events and television hits, I have developed quite a make-up regime. I often get compliments, which I am highly gratified and humbled by, at how "beautiful" my make-up always is. Surprising to most people is the small amount of time it takes me to do it, essentially about 10 minutes -- with 5 of those minutes utilized for applying skin care products. Now, when I do television or a smoky eye, there is an additional 10 minutes for the creation.

As a base, I always apply Eminence Bright Root Licorice Serum. I love how it has evened out my skin complexion as well being a great base to my moisturizer. You can buy it at Amazon here.

I then add my SPF moisturizer. This step usually vacilates between products because I get so many free beauty care samples. Lately I've been really into this Clarins product: the Hydra-Essentiel Silky Cream SPF-15. I love how light it feels on my skin, which is combination oil and dry but one-million percent super sensitive, and this Hydra-Eseentiel product is very light, almost clear when applied.

Usually, at this point, I do my hair so as to let the serum and moisturizer settle. For hair care, I have so much hair, I will only attempt the looooooooooooooong process of washing it every 3 or 4 days. Typically, the wash involves some variation of Aveda products -- or whatever hotel shampoo + conditioner I have left from a recent trip. This summer, I was lucky enough to travel to Greece and bought the most amazing set of Olive Oil based Korres shampoo + conditioner, which sadly they don't sell at all in the U.S., so I have been settling with the new Aveda Cherry Almond Softening Shampoo + Conditioner. It provides the same kind of finish, though not as good.

To style my hair, I love Oribe products the most. I use basically everything in their line but particularly the Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray. I know how ridiculous it sounds, considering how much hair I have, to use a thickening spray but it is also a heat protector and fully worth the price!

Now back to the make-up. I've been using a lot of Laura Mercier products, simply because I love her brushes. In particular, I can't live without the Contour Blush Brush since the application is the best I've seen. I use a basic off-white color as a base and then layer on with some pop of color from either Laura Mercier or NARS.

For liner, I use Korres or NARS; mascara is Laura Mercier; eyebrow brush is Anatastia; and I always pack with me the GlamGlow Glowstarter™ Mega Illuminating Moisturizer. Probably the best discovery I have found for the perfect reflecting finish.

Once the eyes are done, I'll add NARS concealer under the eyes and chin. I use the NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealor, but I will venture and try other concealer products like TARTE or Urban Decay. The NARS (in Custar) has been my go-to since college so I always come back to it.

I finish everything with some MAC powder-finish or Kat von D's Blotting Powder in Light -- I carry this with me throughout the day for touch-ups.

If it's a night-out, I may apply some glamorous BECCA Soft Light Blurring Setting Powder. I buy the "Natural Finish." BECCA is a really great line. I adore BECCA products, having used their conceler and brushes as well, but there isn't a lot of product for the price.

As a final set to my work, I will spray some Farmacy Skin Dew Hydrating Essence Mist & Setting Spray. I literally use every single product in the Farmacy line, especially their night cream. What a great brand!

And of course, no night is complete without my signature red lip. I only use MAC Retro Liquid Matte Liquid Lipcolor Dance With Me. It lasts all day without a re-touch.

All around, it's a really fast routine, which I have perfected over the last 15 years. ;-) I love it! This is the finished product in the natural skin light, no filter needed, and EXTREME close-up so you can see everything done. ;-)


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