• Sery Kim

Thanks Vim & Vigr for my cute compression socks!

PHOTO: Courtesy of Vim & Vigr

I've never used compression socks while traveling but I have certainly heard about the benefits of wearing them. For instance, they help energize your legs to prevent swelling, which is key when you are 35,000 feet -- always good to increase circulation and have freshly oxygenated blood back in your legs waaaaaaay up-there! So I was happy to receive a pair from Vim & Vigr. They have a new "MOVE" collection and these unique sleeves are focused not just on those who travel but also as a good resource for those who work-out. Made with advanced gradient pressure knitting for support, the "MOVE" collection aids in muscle recovery thus also making them perfect for yoga, barre, dance, running and more so, as someone who does all-of-the-above, I am excited to give them a try. Thanks for the gift!!


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