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Catamaran sailing in Barbados

PHOTO: Me on a Barbados catamaran (c) Sery Kim

As an island country, the furthest east in the Caribbean, no one should go to Barbados without getting on the water. Whether it's water skiing, kayaking, swimming or getting on a fishing boat, the waters of Barbados absolutely beckon. When planning what kind of water activities to engage in, check out the Barbados Tourism Board's main website: https://www.visitbarbados.org/.

Even though I am beseeching you to get on the water, I actually had an incredibly hard time peeling myself off the beach of the Fairmont Royal Pavilion to get on a boat Sunday. The smoothness of the sands on the Platinum Coast of Barbados, the South side of Barbados where the Fairmont Royal Pavilion is located, (combined with Fairmont Royal Pavilion's tasty cocktails, perfectly temperatured waters, cloudless rays and the most comfortable beach lounge chairs I have ever laid upon) meant I was a total beach bum -- and quite proud of myself for it!

PHOTO: Me lounging at the Fairmont Royal Pavilion reading the best book I've read this year (c) Sery Kim

But I just couldn't not get on the water. Everywhere you go in Barbados, there's water to be seen: 21 miles in length and 14 miles wide (that's 167 square miles for the math inclined) of water to be exact. So I got myself some rum (ha!) and made myself get on a catamaran for a quick 2 1/2 sunset cruise. I am glad I did so I could really get a view of the pristine coastline. Having been to almost all of the Caribbean islands, it can be hard to distinguish between the islands but I will have to say that Barbados offers, which other island countries don't, is development without suffering the beauty.

I loved it!

PHOTO: Selfie on the Barbados catamaran (c) Sery Kim

If you want to know which one I went on, it was the Tiami Catamaran. I can't say they were the most friendly -- the asked everyone around me if they wanted a drink but failed to ask me (rude!) if I wanted anything -- but it was still nice to be on the boat with the fabulous light breeze. For $40 U.S. you get the cruise and a 20 minute stop for some snorkeling. Also alcohol which, unless you make the Rum Punch yourself, is very much alcohol-less. Some snacks do become available on the way back but I can't vouch for the deliciousness (or not) of the snacks since I was saving room for dinner.

I wish I would have stayed another day so I could engage in more water sports. Ah well. Just have to go back!!

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