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Thank you Fairmont Royal Pavilion, Barbados

PHOTO: View of the waters in Barbados from my breakfast at Fairmont Royal Pavilion (c) Sery Kim

This past Labor Day Weekend, I was so blessed to have vacationed in Barbados at the newly renovated Fairmont Royal Pavilion. The view above was photographed from my continental breakfast Saturday morning, eating a delicious meal and drinking a scalding hot skim latte. I can't wait to share more photos and thoughts from my incredibly restorative trip! Be sure to tune in all week as I round-up information about the country of Barbados, places to go, things to eat and, of course, my thoughts on the hotel itself.

Many thanks again to Daimon and the team on-the-ground at Fairmont Royal Pavilion. I wish I could have stayed longer, but I will be back!!!

PHOTO: My fabulous welcome dessert, so phenomenal (c) Sery Kim


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