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Barbados Day One: Oistins Market

PHOTO: Oistins Fish Market on a Friday night (c) Sery Kim

Having flown into Barbados, I headed straight to "Ositins Fish Market," aka Ositins Fish Fry, aka Ositins Bay Gardens. My driver, the one-and-only Emerson, said it was "an absolute must" for anyone who comes so I rallied my tired, travel-weary body to venture. I am so glad I did!

PHOTO: An Ositins worker (c) Sery Kim

Every Friday night in Barbados, this area where local vendors sell their fish turns into a huge party. I went to Barbados in the off-season (December through May is the high season) so there weren't as many people, but there were still a lot! There were pop-up jewelry and souvenir vendors, as well as food stalls and plenty of great music. The gentleman pictured above is one of the many working the grills where local favorites like Flying Fish are fried to perfection.

PHOTO: Pat's Flying Fish (c) Sery Kim

I ate at Pat's, because it's everyone's favorite, and I couldn't believe how phenomenal the food was, plus I got a TON of it for $15 U.S. The fried Flying Fish was tasty but the "rice and peas," aka rice and bean, couldn't have been cooked better and I demolished it in record time. Also, the mac'n'cheese is a particular favorite of local Barbados residents so I got some of that as well.

PHOTO: The menu at Pat's, the dollar amounts are in Barbados money (2:1 U.S.) (c) Sery Kim

My driver Emerson got the Dolphin. Trust me, it's not actually Dolphin and the flavors on that dish was powerfully punchy and delicious. Next time I'm in Barbados I am definitely going to have that.

And, of course, since I am in the home country of Rum, I got my first-ever Barbados' Rum Punch. Yum, yum! I wish I wasn't so exhausted so I could try a few more vendors, but also I was going to go to the Barbados Food and Rum Festival pop-up at The Mill.

PHOTO: The Mill in Barbados (c) Sery Kim

If you are free October 16-21, you should definitely attend. More details here: https://www.visitbarbados.org/food-and-rum-festival.


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