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Of nights and cocktails D.C.

PHOTO: Lincoln Reflecting Pool (c) Sery Kim

Sunday night I had a chance to do one of my favorite things in D.C.: a late-night stroll along the National Mall. The evening was perfect, as my photo taken on my iPhone above shows. The sunset was fire-y and the breeze quite cool. Luckily for me, despite the hideous mosquitoes -- my right leg is so bitten up I've been rubbing Aquaphor on it for a week -- the mid-70 degree weather on a weekend was/is a rare feat, especially in swampy August in D.C.

I really do love my evening strolls and, after the binge eating and drinking weekend I had, I definitely need a long 8 miles!

Cocktails in D.C. is a real sport, one which I don't always partake in due to my work schedule, but this past weekend I had a chance to live-it-up!

To start, on Friday night we headed to The Wharf for a concert at The Anthem -- I STILL CAN NOT GET OVER HOW PHENOMENAL NEEDTOBREATHE IS LIVE!!!!! and am madly obsessed with Billy Raffoul's breathtaking voice, aka the opening act -- as well as dinner at Mi Vida. I had never been to either destination and I have to say both were exceptional -- or as S said, "a perfect night!" Mi Vida's service -- thank you Alex -- was spot-on, and the food so dynamic in flavoring, texture and colors! Look at how alive my nachos look!

Since I'm big in to sweets, I always try and get both cocktails and desserts. Sometimes I have one-too-many (shocker!) cocktails, so by the time dessert rolls around I can't fit in another calorie. At Mi Vida, I paced myself slooooowly so I could enjoy the concert and stuck with two, as well as the Flan. All were fabulously tasty! Mi Vida drink menu here: https://mividamexico.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Menu-Beverage-7.28.pdf

As for dessert, we didn't order it because we were so full from the food but Alex brought us out one. The Flan was particularly exceptional as the density of the ingredients were soaked with flavor. Honestly, I don't even like Flan since most of them are so watery, but Mi Vida's had the texture of cheesecake, a dessert I love, and so I enjoyed Mi Vida's immensely!

To continue my cocktail tour of D.C., on Saturday night, we headed over to Whaley's in Navy Yard. I'd never been, mostly because it's so packed when I stop by on the fly, but maybe due to Congress being in recess, this Saturday we were able to easily post-up at the bar where I had the two best drinks I've had in Navy Yard. I absolutely loved both my #20 (El Silencio Mezcal, Campari, Pineapple & Lime), pictured above, as well as the #3 (Fresno Chili Infused Vodka & Lime Gimlet). The #3 really killed it for me with its unique seasoning. The pairing of the sharp chili infused vodka was alleviated in a whisper of froth, while the lime was quite the sweet relief.

The perfect drink! I should have taken a photo! haha.

PHOTO: The Capital (c) Sery Kim

We also managed to stop by a few other spots but not really note-worthy so I will leave them off for now, but it was a wonderful weekend! Hope you get a chance to try it yourself soon!


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