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Preview of Ritz Carlton Tyson's Corner new "Martha's Vineyard" Afternoon Tea servi

Ritz Carlton Tyson's Corner has a reputation for having a phenomenal tea service and, as a result, on any weekend the reservations for bridal parties, baby showers and just friends who want to get together and "catch up" mean tables are pretty hard to come by! Now, with the brand new, truly exceptional "Martha's Vineyard" collection of tea sandwiches and desserts, the hotel can expect even more tea lovers to rush through their doors.

Unveiling on July 16th and running until August 26th, the "Martha's Vineyard" menu was inspired by the tradition of afternoon tea in Cape Cod. Familiar tastes of lobster rolls, cranberries, seafood and even local jams produced in the New England region pop with mouth-watering flavor.

I was particularly enamored with the "Clam Chowder in Mini Bread Bowl" (photo left) as well as the "Smoke Blue Fish Taco" with a PIckled Onion" (right). Both the colors and the texture really threw themselves into my face in the most pleasant way. After all, having lived in London and being of Asian-decent, tea and the general tea service are things which I believe I am firmly an expert upon. Typically what I find in tea service is the same bland assortment of bread, with the same bland assortment of meats and veggies, and the same bland assortment of cuts, styles and overall texture.

Usually it just feels like a broken record of eating.

I really appreciated how the Chef creatively tried to branch out -- and of the two current services offered at the Ritz Carlton, traditional and tapas, this one is the best for both the savory starter as well as for the dessert section.

I particularly loved the "S'more Chocolate Mousse" pictured above and the "PB&J Bar with Chatham Jam & Jelly" pictured both. Again, much like with the savory dishes, both of these desserts had the unusual texture, style and flavoring I am always seeking in my food.

Other desserts on the new Martha's Vineyard dessert selection include Peach Pice, Rose Sabayon, Strawberry Basil Roulade, Chocolate Hazelnut Torte and a Currant Scone.

Of course you can still order the fabulous chocolate-covered strawberries the Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner does so well, as can you order the massive Strawberry Whipped Cream pile (it has a better name but I think my descriptor works better, haha).

Prices start at $68 for the Martha's Vineyard. Reservations and additional information can be found here: http://www.ritzcarlton.com/en/hotels/washington-dc/tysons-corner/dining/dining-experiences/tea-through-the-seasons.


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