• Sery Kim

Barrel Oaks Winery, Virginia

Some friends and I decided this month to visit one of D.C.'s favorite wineries, Barrel Oaks Winery. Located a 30 minute drive from the Reston-Wiehle metro station, Barrel Oaks Winery has a reputation for being insanely busy and popular when the weather is fabulous -- and sometimes even when it is cold. Personally, there are numerous other wineries in the area with demonstrably much MUCH better wines -- and at a far more reasonable price than Barrel Oaks Winery's $20-$35 a bottle -- such as my favorite Stone Tower Winery or even Naked Mountain. However, this winery was one of the first to really open to the D.C. community and so it remains popular more, again in my personal opinion, for its position as one of the FIRST instead of one of the BEST.

PHOTO: Oysters at Barrel Oaks Winery

One big benefit though, which the other wineries lack, is food pop-ups. When we were there, fresh oysters were available for purchase, as well as BBQ. So yummie! You can find out more about their wine tasting program here: http://www.barreloak.com/.


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