• Sery Kim

Harvest Bee's at District Winery

I've been doing quite a bit of exploring of the Navy Yard DC neighborhood and one of my favorite new spots for food & cocktails is District Winery. Recently opened on the waterfront of the blossoming Navy Yard district of Washington, D.C., District Winery is a beautiful venue with so many terrific elements (view, service, food and cocktails) yet the irony of being the only winery in D.C. is decidedly struck when sampling their wine menu. I am seriously ANTI their wine menu and have found nothing I like so far. More on the wine and food review to come (the dinner menu is phenomenally tasty, healthy and filling, see generally here: https://districtwinery.com/restaurant-main/dinner-menu/), but the cocktails are sublime. Yesterday I had not one but two of the Harvest Bees. Made with gin, lemon, spiced honey, rooftop lavender, the Harvest Bees cocktail was slightly sweet, slightly sour and 100% delicious! Can't wait to have more of them!


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