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Easton, Maryland for a quick Memorial Day getaway

PHOTO: Bas Rouge

I can't believe Memorial Day is just two weeks away! Where did spring go?!? For those of you who haven't already planned your beach getaway -- or which pool to lounge about in -- perhaps a quick day-trip is in order. A quick 52 minute drive from Washington, D.C. is picturesque Easton, Maryland.

PHOTO: Blue Mat Yoga

Located on the eastern Chesapeake Bay, Easton have a classic old-school, small-town feel. Start the day with some exercise at Blue Mat Yoga or skip exercising all-together (it is a federal holiday after all) and go straight for some upscale coffee at Weather Gauge.

PHOTO: Weather Gauge

After lingering over some tasty treats, a healthy lunch may be in order. Sunflowers & Greens has some fabulous salads.

PHOTO: Sunflowers & Greens

But whatever you do, don't leave Easton until you get a chance to dine at Bas Rouge.

PHOTO: Bas Rouge


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