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Greek jewelry in Santorini

It's very rare for me to purchase jewelry when I travel because, when your Mom managed a jewelry store for your entire childhood, the abundance of jewelry options already owned means I am fairly inured to pretty sparkly things. However, when I was in Santorini I found three pieces of exceptional handcrafted jewelry which I had to buy. The first were these gold and silver pewter earrings above. I wore those for my birthday a few days ago. You can find them at the first big souvenir shop in Oia, on the right hand side, of the main thoroughfare (right before the school).

I also found these amazing feather earrings, which will TOTALLY make all of my summer outfits sizzle. I adored them so much I took out the pewter earrings and put these on. Good thinking because they looked great for my signature Santorini souvenir photo, haha. I found these is the last courtyard on the main street of Oia -- I really need to do a better job of getting business cards from these shops but some of them don't have any ... sigh ...

Finally, this ring was a lot of trouble to buy but totally worth the added effort. The electricity on Oia went out and a lot of the shops didn't get power for almost two hours. You can imagine the drama when there are so many tourists around to spend there money. Not only could we not use cards but we couldn't even get cash out of the cash machines since they were down as well (the luxury hotels, like mine, have their own generator so I had no problems getting ready). I circled back twice to purchase this ring and irony of all ironies the lady who sold me the ring appeared seven hours later outside of my dinner restaurant. SO FUN!

Definitely plan on spending money when you are in Oia. I also bought quite a few more souvenirs for friends and family back home, which I think was totally worth it!


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