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Drinks & Bites at Hilton Garden Inn Alexandria, VA

Honestly, I can not tell you the last time I stayed at a Hilton Garden Inn. Ever since I began this food-and-travel writing career, it has been a series of ultra-luxury destinations. As a result, I've missed on the tremendous refresh occurring at one of the Hilton brand's fastest growing chains.

Here in the Washington, D.C. area, close-by to the corporate headquarters of Hilton in McLean, Virginia, the Hilton Garden Inn Alexandria has had a particularly great launch to their new food-and-beverage program. This Molten Chocolate Cake photographed by me above was probably the best variation I have had in Washington, D.C. That's right. Better than at one of those "fancy" restaurants in D.C. -- and certainly better than anything I would buy in a store. That's really saying something from a sweet-tooth like me.

As for an actual stay, I haven't had a chance to stay in one yet so I will have to revert back, but I can definitely say I will be going back for more Molten Chocolate Cake soon ... "Molten my heart," haha!

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