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The Fainting Goat

The other day I had the chance to go to one of Washington, D.C.'s most popular restaurants and bars, The Fainting Goat. Now, for the uninitiated (like myself), I didn't realize The Fainting Goat was a must-stop for many a first date in D.C., ha! (See generally here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/your-romantic-first-dates-restaurants-hate-them/2016/06/07/bf45adfc-1df5-11e6-8c7b-6931e66333e7_story.html?utm_term=.09df9a1231b5.) Now, having been, I can tell you it was a great spot for drinks, snacks and ambiance, so it's easy to see why my friends at The Washington Post would say such a thing!

From the moment I walked in, The Fainting Goat had a nice, warm and homey feel to it. Exposed brick walls, subtle mood-lighting and lots of toasty wood furniture made the restaurant feel like someone's home. Additionally, I counted at least six couples on dates (too funny!) which probably added to the fun allure. Thankfully, whether on a good date (or a bad one), the drinks at the restaurant are tasty ... albeit a bit sweet. With beer, wine and cocktails, definitely try the "Sister Sara," pictured in photo above, as well as the "Saigon Mule." Both go down, dangerously, like water!

As for the food itself, some of the items were not to my preference; however, I could literally eat the Goat Cheese Fondue every day until my heart gave out. Made with goat cheese (naturally) with the consistency of queso dip and the sharp cut of a bit of spice, the Goat Cheese Fondue was flavorful and oh-so-fun to eat! Additionally, the side of bread was ideally baked but also sliced so you have enough of the softness of the bread, and just enough crunch in the rim, to provide enough texture to soak up the cheese with some crunch. Plus, fresh greens gave my heart just enough relief.

From my vantage point, soaking up all of the Goat Cheese Fondue, I saw that the most popular item coming out of the kitchen was the Burger. Of course I had to order it and, having tasted it, I can see why. The bread is hearty, buttery and yet soft while the meat was flavorful and perfectly cooked to my preference of Medium Plus. Very delightful. My friend ordered the items I did not prefer -- the noodles and the gnochi -- but the Pasta was nice as well.

After so much food and cocktails, I didn't have room for the dessert menu; however, The Fainting Goat will be revealing their new spring menu next week so I will be sure to taste and revert back!


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